MetroPCS LG Esteem

LG Esteem (SKU: LGMS910)


The LG Esteem fits like a well-tailored suit. It has the smokin’ hot Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform and a 1GHz processor for the highest caliber of usability. It pumps out high-definition entertainment that can be shared a variety of ways, features HD streaming, has a music player, and even face-to-face chat with the front facing camera! Needless to say, its complete in a multitude of ways.


4GLTE connectivity with 1 GHz Snapdragon™ processor
Android™ Platform 2.3 Gingerbread
4.3” capacitive touchscreen with damage-resistant Gorilla® Glass
5MP camera with 720p HD video and HDMI output
Face-to-Face video chat with 1.3MP front-facing camera
Dolby® Mobile multichannel audio

This is what metropcs website saying....

People won't read this description that much..

The pictures I have blow is the how box looks like.

Right now, this is metroPCS best phone ever.  Today is Dec 11. 2011

When you go to the store, sale people tell you about this phone is

Face to Face feature!!!!  This phone has front camera. so anybody has front camera.

You can talk to Face to Face!! You need to use the app.

Mostly, Tango and Skype are the people using for Face to Face talk.

Also, there is app, name is Google Talk .

And then Sale people will tell you about HDMI connection.

This phone has HDMI cable port. You can purchase the cable. At the store, they usely sell for $14.99

Anyway, when you have the cable, you can connect to any TV or monitor to show

whatever you do on the phone at the monitor.

If you are looking for new phone from metroPCS, I would reconmand the LG Esteem!!!

Next post I will put is How to program the LG Esteem !

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